Become a Re-seller/ Distributor of Game Guard Gumshields

If you are looking to sell high quality, British made, gumshields with an attractive profit margin, then look no further, you have come to the right place. 

Game Guard are the original boil and bite gumshield, and are the trusted, go to brand, purchased by thousands of schools and clubs for over 25 years.  

We are currently represented by distributors, online stores, specialty retailers, schools, and clubs worldwide.   

If you are interested in joining the Game Guard Retailer family, we invite you to read through our FAQ's and click on the appropriate link, complete the short enquiry form and a member of our sales team will contact you within 48 hours to discuss pricing and minimum order quantities.

We also offer branding opportunities because we understand that if you already sell your own range of sportswear and equipment, adding a branded mouthguard to your range is an excellent and obvious brand extension. 



Game Guard Adult Baby Blue Gumshield
Game Guard Adult Baby Blue Gumshield

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Game Guard Adult Pink Sparkle Gumshield.
Game Guard Adult Pink Sparkle Gumshield.

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Double Gold
Double Gold

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Game Guard Adult Baby Blue Gumshield
Game Guard Adult Baby Blue Gumshield

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What our Customers Say...

“I started my cooperation with the purchase of PNP Breaker Boards.  When I discovered that you produced very good quality gumshields, I was excited as I own two of my own Sports brands.  I was looking to enhance and further promote my brands and adding a customised gumshield was the perfect solution.  These mouthguards are excellent quality and I receive very good service, no mistakes, and everything on time as promised.”

—  Gawel, TKD

“Game Guard are a very well-priced product.  Lots of people like them because they mould and fit easily.  Lovely range colours.”

—  I Hennan

Buying Guide - FAQ


Can anyone stock Game Guard gumshields?

No, you must be a registered business.

Why should you stock Game Guard gumshields?

With so many schools and clubs operating a ‘No mouthguard, No Play’ Policy, gumshields have become a mandatory kit list item. Here at Game Guard, we know how easy it is for players to lose or damage their gumshield, and with this comes the prevalence of regular, repeat purchase. This small, essential piece of protective equipment is easily classified as a disposable item. As such, parents and players want a high quality, easy to fit, gumshield that provides optimum protection at an affordable price. Game Guard gumshields are high quality, made here in the UK and are CE Marked by SATRA. By choosing Game Guard Gumshields you can purchase with confidence, direct from us, the manufacturer. You can buy with the assurance of knowing that our gumshields are trusted and purchased by thousands of schools & clubs and have been for over 25 years. As the UK manufacturer we produce the gumshields here at our facility in Gloucestershire. We have the capability to produce the product in high volumes and sell the product at a very competitive price point, providing resellers with very good and attractive profit margins. Game Guard Gumshields are available to purchase in packs of x10 or packs of x100.

How are the gumshields packaged?

The packaging is eco-friendly in that minimal packaging has been used. Each gumshield is packed in an individual plastic case with tamper proof label, ten gumshields and their protective cases are packaged in a plain white cardboard shelf ready pack.

How can the product be displayed?

Each gumshield comes with it own protective case which incorporates a eurohook that can be used to hang the product on a standard merchandising display hook. A pack of ten gumshields is supplied in shelf ready packaging which can be used as a display box on the counter.

What are the minimum order quantities?

The Minimum Order Quantity is 10x packs of x10.

What is the delivery lead time?

As the manufacturer we always hold good levels of stock. Delivery lead time is usually 2 - 3 working days. Please allow up to 4 weeks for larger orders.

Can I get a sample of each gumshield to evaluate?

Yes we can send out samples. Please complete the Reseller Enquiry form.


Can I have my own by own logo/branded gumshield products?

Yes, we can facilitate your own branded gumshield products. We understand that if you already sell your own range of sportswear and equipment, adding a branded gumshield to your range is an excellent and obvious brand extension. We can brand the case of the gumshield box, but not the actual gumshield itself.

What does the branding process entail?

The process to brand is extremely simple and consists of the following steps:-

  • You supply us with the logo artwork in a high-resolution illustrator file format.
  • We brand the rear case label and can also include your company contact details.
  • You approve the artwork.
  • You place the order.
  • We supply the finished product.
Please note that we can only brand the gumshield case not the gumshield itself.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity for own branding?

The Minimum Order Quantity is 2000 units.

What is the Lead Time for own branded gumshields?

The lead time for branded product is 4-6 weeks.