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Choosing A Mouthguard

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

In recent years, sports mouthguards have become increasingly prevalent in a variety of sports and are often required since they protect your face and teeth from a variety of injuries. The mouthguard may be one of the tiniest items in an athlete's bag, but it is a crucial piece of equipment that can help prevent painful injuries as well as expensive dental and orthodontic procedures.

Protection is the most important aspect of any mouthguard. Having a mouthguard in your sports kit is recommended in the UK. Those athletes who do not wear mouthguards are twice as likely to sustain a dental or oral injury.

There are 3 varieties of mouthguards on the market:

Stock / Ready-Made / Instant Fit: these are available in a range of premade shapes and sizes; however, these do not offer a comfortable fit or high protection level because of their one-shape, one size, fits-all build.

Boil-and-bite / Mouth Adapted:  a middle-ground between premade and custom-made. Named after the process to mould them, which is to place them in boiling water before biting into them to leave an impression of your teeth.

Custom-made / Custom Fit:  Moulded to your teeth by a dental professional. A dentist will take an impression of your teeth and gums, then orders a guard personalised to your bite. This is the most expensive option and can cost £35 upwards.

Although there are a few different kinds of mouthguard available, the general function is the same: they help protect your mouth and teeth from damage.

Before buying a mouthguard, consider the following factors:

Protection: Consider how often and how hard you will incur impact in a sport and select a mouthguard well suited for it.

Comfort: It is important to make sure the mouthguard is moulded correctly, or that it is comfortable right out of the box if it does not need to be moulded.

Sport: Each sport has its own mouthguard requirements, so make sure you consider them before purchasing.

Braces: Gum shields that fit around braces are available. Wearing braces makes your child even more susceptible to injury, since the wires can snap and cut into their gums. In addition to the cost of repairing the braces themselves, you run the risk of more dental trauma.

Longevity: You want something that’s easy to keep track of and doesn’t get lost in the depths of the kit bag. Consider choosing a bright colour and one that comes in a case to maintain hygiene and prevent any damage whilst in the bag. Game Guard gumshields are available in 14 colours and 3 flavours, and all our gumshields come with a protective case.

Investing in a mouthguard is an inexpensive way to give you peace of mind and reduce the chances of your child being injured while playing sports. Buying a mouthguard isn't enough; you must also teach your child the importance of mouth protection, so they always feel motivated to wear it.

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