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Game Guard Gumshields: Essential Protection for Active Adults & Kids


For schools, clubs, or organisers of summer sports camps: stock up for the season ahead.


Safety and Protection: Game Guard Gumshields are designed to provide essential protection for the gums, teeth and jaw, significantly reducing the risk of serious injuries during contact sports.


Quality and Compliance: Parents, teachers, and coaches can trust Game Guard Gumshields, as they meet high safety standards. Unlike some brands, they are UKCA and CE-approved, meaning they have been rigorously tested.


Comfort & Ease of Use: Our mouthguards feature a boil-and-bite design for a personalised fit and optimal comfort. They are quick and easy to mould and can be trimmed for a perfect fit.


Affordability: Game Guard offers high-quality protection at a price that won't strain your budget. This ensures safety without compromising on quality, giving you peace of mind.


Variety and Appeal: In 14 vibrant colours and 3 fruity flavours, Game Guard Gumshields make wearing protective gear fun for adults & kids, encouraging compliance during sports activities.


Equip your team with Game Guard Gumshields to ensure they have the best protection for their teeth and jaws. Invest in their safety and enjoy peace of mind during every game and practice session.

Game Guard Gumshield - Black

VAT Included |
  • The moulding instructions are part of the label attached to the rear case.  Peel back the label to reveal.  You can also download or view the instructions here.

    Fitting Instructions 

    Please read carefully before moulding.