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Pack of 10 Flavoured Mouthguards in Mint, Strawberry & Blackcurrant. 


Game Guard Gumshields provide high-quality, affordable protection for those participating in contact sports.


Game Guard gumshields are high-quality, UKCA & CE-approved, self-fit, boil-and-bite mouthguards. Manufactured from BPA- and latex-free EVA plastic, they are designed for quick and easy fitting and provide optimum protection.


Unlike some mouthguards, they have been tested to BSI DD 253:2001 standards and meet the size, fit, retention, and impact resistance requirements.


Trusted by thousands of schools and clubs for over 25 years, these affordable gumshields offer the same protection as expensive alternatives.


Game Guard Gumshields are not just for one sport, they're for all contact sports. Whether it's rugby, hockey, football, lacrosse, cricket, boxing, martial arts, MMA, basketball, rounders, skateboarding, mountain biking, or horse-riding, these gumshields have got you covered.


Available in Senior (13+) and Junior (8+) sizes, the gumshields can be trimmed for a perfect fit and remoulded if needed. A case is included,  and moulding instructions are available online.


Pack of 10 - Game Guard Gumshields - Mixed Flavours

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